Big improvement may bring Erica Moorhead to state

Q&A with Klein Oak senior Erica Moorhead, who hopes to make it to state after major improvement over the summer. Moorhead dropped over a minute in the 3 mile, going from 20:06 to 18:43. Moorhead also posted track times of 11:38 for the 3200 & 5:21 for the 1600.

How did you first get started in running?

Moorhead: I joined a running club in elementary school and ran a few small races but I didn't get hooked until I started racing at the middle school level. 

What kind of mileage have you been putting in early on in the season?

Moorhead: During the summer I was running around 55-65 miles a week but during school it's closer to 50-60 mile a week.  

Last year you had a PR of 20:06 for 3 miles, and recently you crushed that, running 18:43. What has led you to improve so significantly?

Moorhead: I believe that the increased mileage helped me out a ton and the fact that I'm having fun and enjoying racing again. 

Being in the same district as Kingwood, The Woodlands and College Park, what is it like having to compete against such high caliber schools?

Moorhead: It's amazing to race against such talented girls almost every week and watching girls like Sandie Raines, Madi McLellan, and Abby Guidry constantly improve and dominate always inspires me to do my best. 

What are your goals for this season?

Moorhead: My main goal is to enjoy every meet and hopefully make it to the state meet! 

Which meets have you gone to so far? Which one was your favorite?

Moorhead: We've only run two meets so far, the Spring Invitational and Friday Night Lights. My favorite so far has been Friday Night Lights because it was crazy to be in the top ten! 

What would you consider as your greatest strength as a runner and the area that you would like to most improve upon?

Moorhead: I think my greatest strength is my determination to overcome any obstacle and situation that gets in my way. However I'd like to improve on my flexibility and eating habits.

What are some goals you’d like to achieve before graduating high school? 

Moorhead: Before I graduate I want to get into my dream school (Rice), enjoy this last year with my family and friends, sign to run collegiately, and run 15 miles straight in honor of graduating in 2015.

What's the best running advice you've ever gotten?

Moorhead: It would have to be that your mentality is more than half the battle when you're racing, and that soda isn't the best recovery drink after a workout.