TX Milesplit Exclusive: World Youth Champs Highlight Video!

Always looking to push the boundaries and make the coverage of Texas Track & Field/ XC the best out of any state in the nation! A few days ago, joined up on Snapchat (texas_milesplit) to give the Texas audience a new perspective on the sport. Already it's exploding! Selecting new athletes to takeover the account for the day and give a behind on the scenes look at the incredible things they are doing.

Last night Isaiah Lucas was in Colombia cheering on Team USA after winning a bronze medal the night before, and he absolutely killed it! He posted amazing videos and photos all night. As a tribute to his fantastic effort, and the performances by the US athletes, threw it together into a highlight video so you can see what it was like to be in the stands during the best moments of the Day 4 finals at the World Youth Championships.

HUGE thank you to Isaiah Lucas for taking the time to do this and share an incredibly unique experience with Texas running fans, and now the rest of the country!

Snapchat Name: texas_milesplit

Add Texas Milesplit on snapchat! You never know which coach or athlete might take it over next, and you wont want to miss any of it! Hope you enjoy the new experience and perspective being presented!