Kaylor Harris Q&A Preparing For New Balance Nationals Indoors

Mesquite Horn senior Kaylor Harris is heading to New Balance Indoor Nationals this weekend to compete in the 60m and the 60h. We caught up with Kaylor for a quick Q&A to get a glimpse of her mindset heading into a big national meet.

TXMS - How does it feel to be going back indoors for races after a couple of weeks into the outdoor season?

KH - I feel as the races I've ran outdoor have prepared for my indoor races. For the simple fact that indoor is a shorter distance. 

TXMS - You have been a speed demon for years with your success in the 100 and 200 races along with the indoor races, but what was in the decision making process for you go get to work in the hurdles?

KH - It was my senior year & I signed early. So I wanted to try something fun and out of the norm. So early November I decided to start training for the hurdles. 

TXMS - You're running both the 60m and the 60h, which race are you looking forward to the most?

KH - Ehhhh it's hard to choose. I look forward to excelling in both. I don't know if there's been a national champion in both at the same time on that level. But my goal is to do the best I can in both events. 

TXMS - You are a part of the "Texas Elite" message group that some of the top Texas track and field athletes created last year that really took off. What do you think it will be like seeing a few familiar Texas faces when you get to New York?

KH - It's always a good feeling seeing familiar faces from Texas in meets outside of the state.

TXMS - You'll also see some more of your Team USA friends/teammates in New York. Do you think seeing some familiar Texas faces and friendly Team USA faces will help keep the New Balance mystique in a comfortable feeling and perspective for you?

KH - Oh for sure! I don't get to see my USA teammates often so when I see them it's LIT!

TXMS - What are you looking forward to with this trip?

KH - I look forward to ending my final high school Indoor season with PR's. I can't wait to compete against great competition in a place that I've been begging to go to. 

TXMS - As an athlete that has traveled nationally and internationally for track and field, how do you think your past experiences will help with the travel and competition for this meet? 

KH - Traveling nationally and internationally has helped me prepare myself mentally and physically for time changes, flights, and high level competition. 

TXMS - Whether you meet your goals or expectations for this meet or not, how do you think this weekend will set you up for the rest of your senior year?

KH - This meet alone will set the tone for the other high level meets I will compete in.

TXMS - What is your schedule like this week heading into NBIN? 

KH - Mon- Weight room, Starts, and Hurdle work. 

        Tues- Plyos, Therapy, Vertimax, Hurdle Drills.                   

        Wed- Starts, Hurdle reps                                          

       Thur- Starts, Therapy                                             

       Fri- TRAVEL DAY

TXMS - What is your favorite event? 100h, 100, 200, or other

KH - I would say straight sprints. But I love long jump also.


TXMS - Beyonce or Taylor Swift - 

KH - BeyoncĂ©! she's such a GURU 

TXMS - If you could take something unique about Texas with you to NYC and introduce NYC to what would it be? 

KH -  I'd most definitely take that Texas Swagger. There's something about a Texas athlete that just stands out. 

TXMS - Do you have any pre race rituals that you do? 

KH - My pre race rituals will be to get my nails done. Do my makeup and say my prayers. 


TXMS - What will be on your playlist when you warm up to get you in your zone?

KH - I like to start my race day off with some chill vibes so while I'm getting ready I'll listen to Nao, Sinead Harnett or H.E.R. While I'm warming up I'll listen to Eric Thomas or anything Future. 

TXMS - What is your go to meet day breakfast or pre race meal?

KH - My go to pre race breakfast is sweet potato pancakes. They're soooooooo delicious