Reed Brown Shoots For Sub 4 At NBNI

Reed Brown runs a solo U.S. #2 4:06.40 indoor mile

Reed Brown of Southlake Carroll will be running his last high school indoor race this weekend at the New Balance Nationals Indoor Championships (NBNI). He will be going for a historic performance in the mile, trying to break the 4 minute barrier. Only a handful of high school athletes have ever been able to break 4 minutes and even less have done it indoors. Brown was able to find time to do a Q&A with his upcoming race at NBNI. 

TXMS - This is the first national track meet of the season for you and you'll be coming in as an NXN All-American and the Foot Locker Nationals Champion. Will you feel any sort of responsibility to live up to those accomplishments/titles?

RB - Yes definitely, I feel I have set the bar for my track season from cross. Everyone has big expectations for me and I don't like to disappoint people so we will see what happens.

TXMS - At Last year's NBNI, you won the 1500. How does that set you up mentally for this race with some of the top guys who are running so well this indoor season?

RB - I feel like running there last year gave me some experience to bring into the race this year. I always look forward to great competition in races it definitely brings out the best in everyone.

TXMS - D.J. Principe Jr. is the only person to have run a faster indoor 1 mile than your 4:06.40 from the Dunamis Sports Group Prep Classic. He chose to run the 2 mile opposed to the 1 mile, does that cause the race to lose some personal flare from the race?

RB - N
ot really, there will still be others up there in the front with everyone coming. It would have been awesome to race dj but you know everyone has their schedules they have to stick with to accomplish their goals.

TXMS - What is your goal for this race?

RB - D
efinitely to go sub 4. This is my last indoor race to try for it and with other great runners in the race I think it is possible.

TXMS - Your 4:06.40 from Dunamis was pretty much a solo run. You were on a 4 flat pace almost through the 1K. There are a couple of guys in the race who are in the rankings right behind you like NOAH AFFOLDER - 4:07.24, DALTON HENGST - 4:08.99, JOSH HOEY - 4:09.30, and others. How do you think having guys in the race capable of helping keep the pace in the latter parts of the race will affect your performance.

RB - Oh it will definitely help out, anytime you get to race next to someone it helps both of you go faster so I'm very excited for this race.

TXMS - With those fast guys all in one race on in a confined space as an indoor track, how do you think your current ability to run 1:54.41 for 800m will assist you?

RB - 
I think running the shorter distances definitely helps out with those early splits. So having that time should help out with the start and getting out of the pack.

TXMS - What are your thoughts/feelings of representing Southlake Carroll, Texas distance running, and Oregon when you go to these national meets?

RB - It is just an awesome feeling to get to represent such prestigious programs now and for the future. I'm sad that this is my last season here but I'm excited to start a new chapter up at Oregon.

TXMS - If you weren't a track and field star, what other sport or leisure would you be involved in?

RB - P
robably football because some of my brothers played it and went pretty far in the sport with one making it to the NFL and the other a kicker right now at the university of Nebraska.

TXMS - How serious is your affinity for dogs/animals?

RB - My affinity for dogs is unmatched. You can ask anyone on the team about how much I love dogs. Today on my run a dog ran with me for a little less than a mile and it was probably the best run I have ever had.


TXMS - If you could take something unique to Texas to NYC with you to influence NYC, what would it be?

RB - Definitely Whataburger because they probably have never experienced the deliciousness.

TXMS - If you could be any super hero or X-man, or whatever, who would it be?

RB - Krypton the super dog cause he lives the life and he has super-mans powers and no one would ever see it coming from just an innocent dog.

TXMS - What/Who is on your meet day playlist?

RB - Just kind of more up beat songs like rap or running songs

TXMS - If you were the spokesperson for a charity or a cause what would it be and why?
RB - For charity I would either try and help out a dog foundation to help get dogs off the street and into homes or an amputee organization because watching Chris run on our team has been really inspiring to see him achieve things that no one expects him to achieve and watch him chase his dreams is just an awesome experience to be apart of.