Watch DeSoto Boys Run The Fastest 4x400 Ever Ran Before April 1st

The last 365 days have been amazing if you're a DeSoto Eagle. Last March, the DeSoto boys basketball team won the Texas state championships. Later in the Spring, both the boys and girls track teams won state titles. This Fall, the DeSoto football team won the state title in Texas' largest division. Now that track season has returned, both the DeSoto boys and girls programs have picked up where they left off last year. 

This past weekend, at the Lancaster Meet of Champions, the DeSoto boys 4x400 ran a 3:11.53. That time is good for the top time in the nation. Are you impressed? Running the fastest time in the nation is quite an accomplishment. What is real impressive about DeSoto's time is that no high school team has EVER ran that fast this early in the season. 

Last week, Miami Northwestern ran 3:12.12 which was the fastest time ever ran in March. That lasted every bit of one week. DeSoto also took down another Miami Northwestern claim to 4x400 fame. Until Friday, no team had ever run a 3:11 before April 1st. That mark was set by the outstanding 2011 Miami Northwestern squad. Watch the interview to see what DeSoto now has planned for the rest of the season.