Q&A: TX #1 Long Jumper DeSoto's Frederic Williams II

DeSoto's Frederic Williams II is the new TX #1 Long Jumper

TXMS - What kind of work have you been putting in that led to your 24-8.5 performance?

FW - Just focusing on trying to stay tall down the runways and not reaching for the board. 

TXMS - You have been stuck in the 22s for a couple of outdoor meets. What did it feel like to pop that 24 footer?

FW - It felt great, I kind of shocked myself. I wasn't expecting that big of a jump this early in the season. 

TXMS - Also, during the indoor season, you had a meet performance that is not quite up to your standards (A&M). You then come back the following meets at Arkansas and Dunamis with some 23 footers. What does it take mentally for an athlete to be able to get beyond performances that you know aren't representative of your capabilities? What advice would you give to your peers?

FW - I'd advise to stay focused and to always remember that all the meets leading up to state are just practice meets. So, I didn't beat my self up about the way I preformed at A&M. I just knew that I needed to work on things, so I won't have that feeling or losing again. 

TXMS - You are also a good sprinter with some big 100 and 200 PRs . How much does your speed help your overall performance?

FW - It helps a lot as a long jumper, you have to have some speed coming down the runway. Ever since I was little my coach (dad) has always taught me to reach top speed down the runway so when you hit the board your speed and momentum will carry you through the air. 

TXMS - Does the 24-8.5 jump now change your performance goal? 

FW - Yes, I wasn't expecting that type of jump this early in the season. I was expecting a low 24 then later on in the year hit a mark like that 24'8, but now I want to hit a mid 25 before the season is over. 

TXMS - What are your other goals for the season?

FW - For the 100 and 200 I just want to get some good times down before I go to college but the main thing is to stay healthy and to win another State Championship. 

TXMS - After your big jump, what was it like being on cloud 9 and then watching your teammates do what they did in the 4x4?

FW - It didn't feel real at the moment but really the whole track meet was a success, watching my brothers run the 4x4 and dropping a time like that, I think the whole track meet was a statement letting everyone know that just because we loss a couple of key people last year that we are still capable of winning. 

TXMS - How did you get involved in track? 

FW - I started running when I was 9 just for something to do over the summer, but when I started running I remember telling my dad I would quit any other sport to run track. Eventually I stopped playing basketball, but I was still playing football for the school and for Deion Sanders (Truth). My sophomore year I decided to stop playing football to focus more on track. 

TXMS - What is the atmosphere like at DeSoto, with all of the sports winning state championships (Basketball, Football, G&B track)?  

FW - I knew back when I was in middle school that we were going to win state titles with all the talent my class had. Now, it's like we're a college with all the success we all have had. It is very competitive having to compete for a spot every week.


TXMS - If you could take one person and one relay from Texas (boy or girl) to battle against every state in track and field who would you choose? 

FW - 100-My dawg Kaylor Harris

200- Shamon Ehiema

400- Champion Allison 

110h/300h- Eric Edwards 

4x1 Desoto 

4x2 Fort Bend Marshall

4x4 Desoto 

TXMS - If you could move tomorrow and live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

FW - Dubai, because it is beautiful and one of my teachers went there for thanksgiving and when he came back he made it sound so wonderful. 

TXMS - Who is your favorite coach on The Voice?

FW - Alicia Keys!

TXMS - What is on your playlist when you're warming up(artists or songs)? 

FW - When I'm warming up I listen to X on SoundCloud but right before I compete I listen to my friends that go to DeSoto who just started their rap career. 

TXMS - What is one fun fact about you?

FW - I never do good when I'm too focused, I have to be relaxed and in my own mood.