Meet Some Athletes Who Will Be The Busiest At State

The Texas state meet usually brings in some of the best athletes in the nation. Many of the past participants have gone on to be professional athletes and NCAA national champions in a variety of sports.

Qualifying for the Texas state meet is a daunting task. However, there are those who are good enough to even qualify for two events.There are too many to name who will be participating in two events with the athletes who do the 100/200, 200,/400 ,800/1600, LJ/TJ,  and other doubles. There are also a multitude of athletes who will run a relay, or two, or three as well as an individual event.

Then there are those athletes will do several individual events as well as relays. These athletes are exceptional enough to put their bodies on the line and their talents to the test to take on the rest of Texas' best in just a few hours. Click through the slides to see some of the athletes who will be busy bodies in Austin next week.