Watch: Kaylor Harris Discusses Her Legendary State Performance

Kaylor Harris talks after her 4x1, 100m and 100h.

Mesquite Horn superstar Kaylor Harris had one heck of a 6A UIL state meet.

Just like everything she does, her meet started early and it was over fast. In the 4x100, the first 6A event, Harris' Mesquite Horn squad hit the track and blazed to an amazing 44.94. That time is not only the US No. 11 all-time mark, but it makes them the the No. 9 fastest girls team in high school history.

Just as soon as the 4x100 was over,  Harris had no time to waste. She rushed over to the other side of the stadium to check in for the 110m hurdles. Harris battled a field that is possibly the best high school field of hurdlers that will be assembled all year. She came away with a US No. 7 effort of 13.38 seconds for the win.

As if that wasn't enough, she had no time to enjoy her relay or personal accomplishment. Harris immediately made her way to the starting line for the 100m, which was the immediate next event.

To prove that she is not superhuman as we sometimes think, she was only able to manage a second place...only second place in the largest division in the best track state in the nation.

Harris' 11.56 100m race was the conclusion to her day and her Mesquite Horn career. All in all, Harris was able to accomplish so much in so little time. It all took place in the matter of 56 minutes.