See How Dominant Texas Clubs Are In The Relays

So, everybody knows that Texans have a lot of pride. We know how to do things bigger and better. In almost anything, Texans excel and are at the top of the heap in just about everything. For example, look at the medical field, the oil industry, education, reality tv characters, actors, musicians, etc. 

Sports is no different. You can see Texas' imprint on just about any sport in the world. In our running community, we all know that goes just as much for cross country and on the track and in the field.

This summer, the athletes and coaches that participate in club track are extending the dominance initiated in school track. In this article, we bring you the top ten rankings in the high school age group relays to show you who and how dominant they are make Texas amongst the nation.

Flip through the clips to see just how well the clubs are doing this summer in both AAU and USATF.

Girls 4x800 I Boys 4x800 I Girls 4x400 I Boys 4x400 I Girls 4x100 I Boys 4x100