Adrian Piperi Wins Bronze At Pan American

Adrian Piperi won another 6A state title in 2017 and led his TWHS team to the team title

ADRIAN PIPERI has been one of Texas' best each of the last four years. For at least the last three years he has also been one of the nation's best. He mad another Team USA earning his way to compete in Trujillo, Peru for the Pan American Games.

Piperi has never been the one to squander an opportunity, he usually seizes them. This morning was another one of those opportunities. He went up against the world's best throwers under that age of 20 and he came away with the bronze medal. American JORDAN GEIST, has been one of the few in the last few years capable of beating Piperi took the gold and Jamaican Kevin Nedrick won the silver. 

Next fall, Piperi is headed to the University of Texas at Austin to compete for the Longhorns and will make an immediate impact in the Big XII. Until then, he will get to relish in his success and enjoy his bronze medal.