Jasmine Moore 'Knew If I Got On Board Would Be A Good Jump'

Jasmine Moore continues to impress. Just when you think she has done it all, she pulls something else out of her bag of tricks and add on to her already impressive legacy.

We all know she has nearly every class record she has been able to get, but that doesn't stop her from pressing toward more and more top marks.

On Friday, Moore started off her Texas Relays weekend in the long jump pit. That start included a 20-7 winning jump that was a 2 inch improvement on her personal best. "The long jump PR means a lot.  I feel I struggle a little and sometimes it's rough, but I'm getting better. After the long jump, I was happy. I wasn't too tired or sore. I took an ice bath and got some rest for Saturday."

On Saturday, Moore triple jumped a wind legal 44-1. That is an improvement from her previous 43-7.5 personal best jump. Yesterday's winning jump was the 12th best all-time triple jump and It also makes her just the seventh best girls triple jumper ever.

The competition was going very well even for Moore's standards. She had three big 43 foot jumps prior to her 44 footer. "I felt they were all good jumps, the second one was the best jump of them all, but I scratched on it," Moore said."

However, those 43 jumps were all wind aided jumps above the wind legal mark. Moore initially went 42-6.5 (1.0), Foul, 43-2.75 (3.6), 43-8.25 (2.3), and 43-3.75 (2.4). The same wind that was holding back some fast times on the track was keeping Moore from getting legal marks that would count. "I didn't pay attention to the wind. I just focused on getting on the board."

The stands were full and packed with fans all itching to get a glimpse of Moore and the rest of the competitors. The fans were also very interactive. "I clapped, it got me hype and I just controlled my emotions and jumped." When she clapped the crowd responded and clapped right along with her.

Prior to Moore's last jump, the wind began to die down for a couple of jumpers ahead of her. When it was her turn, she didn't wait for a slight wind or no wind, Moore was focused. "I knew if I got on the board it would be a good jump.

She knew it as soon as she landed. "Normally, I can always hear my dad. Whenever he yells a lot I know that it was a big jump." After the 44-1, she heard her dad -- in fact, she heard the entire stands let a deep roar after as she landed into the sand.

Moore's 44-1 didn't just start on Saturday. It actually began Friday as the Women's Triple Jump A Section performed.

Along with her family and teammates, Moore watched as Tori Franklin won that section with a 47-6.25 jump. "I just like watching them. The professional and college girls are so much better." Moore admired the technique and looked for ways to improve her craft. Jumping from the 32 foot board, Moore admired how Franklin's last step was just about in the pit, "She was almost in the sand on the last jump. I'm trying to get that close to the sand on my last jump. She held her legs on the landing and she didn't drop. I do, I'm going to work on not dropping."

With a 44-1 jump now on her resume, Moore is still looking and searching for whatever it takes to continue to get better and be the best all around high school jumper of all-time before she graduates.