Florida Relays v Texas Relays - Numbers Don't Lie No Contest

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So, last week, the US MileSplit team brought up the topic of who who has the best sprinters and which meet is the best, Florida Relays or Texas Relays.

Well, now the the dust has settled and the results are in, why is everyone so quiet?

Check out the results and make the call for yourself, but allow me to chime in for a minute. Yes, both states are full of sprinters, but think past the first thought. Who has the fastest and the most? A runner or two in each event is nice. However, Texas is deep. The quality and quantity of our coaches and athletes is second to none!

Track and field is more than a couple of sprint events. Texas likes to do more than just sprint and we do it well.

If you missed the pole vault competitions then shame on you. Both the throws and jumps were outstanding all weekend long.

Let's say you didn't catch the results of the 1600m, 3200m, and steeplechase either, then allow me to catch you up....Texas is pretty good in that too. The distance relays were just as exciting and elite as the sprint relays this weekend.

So, then next time the Florida v Texas debate comes up be sure to remind whoever it is that wants to talk about it is aware of our quantity as well as our overall appreciation of all track and field events and our extend the conversation.

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