Does 50 mile DFW Stretch Produce Best Distance Runners?

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So, this weekend at the Arcadia Invitational some very fast 3200m times were produced. Looking at the national and Texas rankings, my attention was drawn to who was from where.

Of course I couldn't help but notice where the top Texas distance athletes on that list were from. With that, it was hard to see how close of proximity some of the DFW area kids are to each other and how fast their times are.

When you look at the area that Southlake, Keller, Lewisville area, it is a noticeable issue of how many of the state's top programs are in that one little area.

This past cross country season was a pure mess when you had all of these teams in mostly one district and all of them were in the same region. Track season districts for that area just completed and with area and regional meets on the horizon, the fight for survival is ON!

Yes, the Carroll, Keller, Hebron, Marcus and other well established boys and girls programs are very close to each other. and yes, the 2018 boys 3200m times from that area are outstanding! However, there is even more.

When you add in the very nearby Fort Worth area boys Carter Cheeseman and Graydon Morris, things are even more impressive.

There are eight boys who have sub 9:26 times including four of them at 9:11 or better. Carter Cheeseman was a part of that outstanding Arcadia 3200m and he came away with a 8:54.06 PR

These guys can all run outstanding 1600m as well. The times are a little more down to earth, but with the best of running still come, those will certainly drop.

The average 3200m for the top guys in that area is 9:13.63 for eight guys. I mean, who does that kind of stuff. Then the average for those same guys is 4:20.83.

Is this currently the best area in the country that is producing distance runners? With just 50 miles of separation of guys that are burning up track on this type of level, this has got the be the most productive area, right?

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Carter Cheeseman8:54.064:16.52
Graydon Morris9:08.844:19.53
Eric Casarez9:09.474:14.31
Alex Maier9:11.534:18.58
Kirk Jarrett9:18.124:22.50
Adam Dayani9:20.244:24.18
Myles Richter9:20.694:24.43
Braden Lange9:26.114:26.59

-Is There Any Other Area In The Nation That Can Compete?-

The Sunshine State

So, the Arcadia race had several entries from across the nation to run and earn themselves top time times to the best runners from several areas that competed. 

There is also a deep distance pool in the nation this year and guys are letting loose on the track.

The Sunshine state has several guys who are blazing in the two mile this year. However, there are only two guys within the same 50 miles that the Texas guys are in. 

The two guys just so happen to be at the same school. Michael Phillips and Matthew Newland of Chiles High School in Jacksonville, Florida both have elite times. Phillips has a very good 8:54.62 on the season and Newland has a solid 9:10.68. The two guys average 9:02 for the two of them.

Florida - Chiles HS in Jacksonville, Fl

ATHLETEFlorida 3200M
Michael Phillips8:54.62
Matthew Newland9:10.68

The Golden State

The Arcadia Invitational was in Cali, so there were oh so many guys from that state that resulted in some elite times. By so many, I mean there are currently 50 boys in the state who now have 9:20s and under for the 2018 season. In fact, there are currently four guys with 9:00 and under times in the state.

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Like Texas, California is a huge state both in population and size. A lot of those runners were from many different sections. Those sections equaled several hundreds of miles in distance. I narrowed it down to the smallest area and that produced three very elite guys. They were still a little over 100 miles away from each other, but still close enough to make a note of.

The three guys produced an absurd 8:56.76 average 3200m between the three of them. They were led by the #4 nationally ranked Liam Anderson and his 8:52.74.

California - 

ATHLETECalifornia 3200M
Liam Anderson8:52.74
John Bennett8:57.33
Matt Strangio9:00.20


The Beehive State

Utah is the state!

They of course do not have the depth that Texas has because of the population difference, but they have the quality!

In just a matter of 45 miles, Five are guys are fast enough to average 9:01.29. In the areas between and surrounding Salt Lake City and Provo is perhaps where the fastest distance runners in the country are born and bred.

They have three guys under 9:00 and two more at 9:05 and 9:11. 

In roughly the same distance, Utah has far less of a population and less high schools as Texas and these numbers have to impress you considering all of the variables.

Utah -

Ryan Raff8:54.65
Brandon Garnica8:57.25
Grant Gardner8:58.14
Aidan Troutner9:05.38
Roberto Porras9:11.05