Take That For Data Putting Texas vs Florida Debate To Bed!

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Some of Texas' top sprinters pose after competing head to head at Jesuit-Sheaner Relays 

So, we hear it every year about which state is better. It's always the Florida vs Texas battle and justifiably so. It is the only way to have a nemesis or arch rival in the sport.

In football, soccer, and basketball, you can definitely decide things by head to head competition and have the score to back things up.

In our sport, it's just not about to happen often enough to have the states go head to head. It's all about the stats and there is no doubt that although football is king in our two states, we both produce the best talent along with the best times, distances, and heights. Not only the best, but so much more of it.

Any state can brag about this or that, but can they actually compete against the best from these two states? There is only one answer and that is simply "NO".

Two weeks ago, each state had their flagship state university relay meets. Going into the weekend, the MileSplit national team wrote about which state was the best and they said Florida is better than Texas.

And excuse me, but I feel some kind of way about that. 

Not just that, but I feel Texas has been disrespected going all of the way back to XC season.

Even when I do participate in the this state is better than that state, it's all for fun and conversing about our sport. BUT.....I'm starting to really feel disrespected.

I love the MileSplit National team, but this is my state and I'm going to defend it! The disrespect must stop and the knowledge must be shared. No ill will towards Florida because I love orange juice and interesting beach towels just as much as the next person. Heck, when the time comes, if I can retire and live on Miami Beach, I'll be the first to do so. But it's time to set the record straight and let's see which state is having the better season so far.

Don't mistake me for going too far and going all Terrell Owens, "That's my quarterback" kind of a rant, but it's time do educate everyone.

Knowledge is power and the links below will show who is better as of today. You might be surprised and you might not, but at the very least you must know!

Boys Scoring By Event I Boys Team Scores I Girls Scoring By Event I Girls Team Scores