Texas Middle School Cross Country State Championship

  • Jeffrey Cunningham
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    Take a look at what Florida is doing. Why not Texas? If anyone is interested in putting something like this together contact me and we can get the wheels turning.

    Okay guys and gals, here are some questions.

    1) When do the middle school district meets happen?
    2) How long after these meets do we set the state meet?
    3) DO we make it 2 miles for all?
    4) Is there any qualifying or is it basically going to be an all-comer's middle school meet?
    5) DO we see if Old Settler's is an option?
    6) Could we have it the week of the H.S. districts when the course is already marked and flagged?
    7) How do we handle the fact that this will be a non-UIL/TAPPS/SPC event? Everyone run as "club" as in Nike Regionals for the high school kiddos?

    I am willing to help here as I think this is a grand idea.
  • Coach
    horn1chris Edited
    Most middle "district championships" are done by Oct 29th if not sooner. I would say the week after that would be the best bet.

    Unless...someone could pull off a coup and hold it the day BEFORE the HS state XC meet. We should have the Old Settler's course set up by 4pm the day before the state meet (we paint it earlier in the week). That might be too much piggy backing though, and UIL may not like that and want too much money for all of the race setup that they provide at the State Meet.

    You could also try to have it the day before our district 16-5A meet as well at Old Settlers (Thursday, Oct 28th) or the day after (Sat., Oct 30th). However, in the past the course isn't usually set up by 6-7pm that Thursday because we have to teach first then come set up around 3-4pm...that could change though.

    2 miles is what most MS boys and girls run at district.

    Since MS XC isn't regulated by the UIL past their district meet, then I would make it an all-comers meet and publicize like crazy. Since MS's are only allowed to run in 5 (or is it 6?) XC races during the UIL school year, then I would make this race non-affiliated with UIL. That would mean no school uniforms.

    I would make 2 races: 7th and 8th grade girls all run together. 7th and 8th grade boys all run together. Races and awards would probably take a little over an hour and a half.

    Unless someone owns a fancy timing systems, then I would just hand time using a Seiko timing device with print out, and use place cards.

    Also, sell T-shirts.

    Let me know if yall are serious and what dates you think would work best...I'd love to help!
  • Alex Aldaco
    My input:

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I like the idea of having it after the district 16-5A meet on Oct 30th (Saturday).

    -Make it 3200m for both Boys and Girls
    -Have 4 races. 7th (B/G) and 8th (B/G)
    -Make it all-comers until it gets large enough to make it where teams qualify
    -Make it like Nike Cross where each school is a club with no school uniforms

    -How do we promote it so plenty of schools know about it?
    -How do we monitor that super teams are not put together from various Middle Schools?
  • doug guy
    When I first moved to houston I started as a middle school coach and was always looking for meets for my guys, so this would be a great idea. As far as keeping everyone honest the team would have to match the same names as what was run at the district meet, you could put a HS coach in charge of getting this and making sure all names match up with who enters the state champ race of course folks can still cheat. I would be willing to be in charge of HISD, I hold a middle school meet every year and I could hand out promo info to all who attend. Who would qualify district team champ, top 15 individual ?
  • Coach
    Many 4A/5A schools do not run MS Cross Country until the winter time. (Dec-Jan)or (Jan-Feb) Unfortunatly lots of kids would not be included in an October race.
  • Coach
    Many 4A/5A schools do not run MS Cross Country until the winter time. (Dec-Jan)or (Jan-Feb) Unfortunatly lots of kids would not be included in an October race.
    Seriously? What areas of Texas are doing this? Just curious.
  • Power User
    steeple said:Many 4A/5A schools do not run MS Cross Country until the winter time. (Dec-Jan)or (Jan-Feb) Unfortunatly lots of kids would not be included in an October race.Seriously? What areas of Texas are doing this? Just curious.

    Spring Branch ISD in Houston does it. I actually like that system because HS coaches can help with meets and watch future athletes without altering the HS practice schedule.
  • Coach
    Many of the North Central Texas 4A-5A run in the winter. South Lake, Keller, Flower Mound, Lewisville just to name a few.
  • doug robinson
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    Many MS in our area (Dallas suburbs)also have city / district championships from Dec to Feb. Like Aggietom, I am a fan of this because I get to be involved.
  • oksev civojar
    it would be nice to see more local Jr high kids compete in the USATF age group cross country national event. No reason why Jr high teams couldnt organize a club team to compete at this. I remember The Woodlands used to bring tons of young kids to these events many moons ago when i ran.
  • Coach
    I am interested in hosting the middle school state xc meet if you need us to. We already have a middle school meet on the weekend of October 23rd in Seguin, Texas (close to San Antonio). We have a great course and also have chip timing for that meet. There is a high school meet that we host on the same day. Not sure if that will be a problem. We have hosted many meets and have had the NCAA DIII South/Southeast Regional Championships in 2008 and will host it again in 2011. Feel free to contact any of the schools that have come in the past.

    Check out the results from this past year.


    Let me know if I can help!!
  • User

    What is the status of this discussion? We would be interested in hosting a meet for middle school state championships one week post district championships (wknd of Nov. 6 2012)

    We are a private school with a large campus and good two mile course. Could set up a chip timed, multi heat race as needed.
  • Joey Rendon
    Yes I would love to be part of something like this, I've hear of other states going on with middle school track and field, is Texas the only one who doesn't. I think it would be a great experience and we would gain a lot more interest from athlete's. Count me in!!! Would we have a regional meet and qualify the best in the region?
  • Coach
    The problem with this is that it would totally have to be a grassroots effort. I'm not sure kids would be allowed by the UIL to wear their school uniforms or have their MS coach instruct them at such any such event. UIL does not sanction any kind of playoff in any MS sport in Texas. The liability for injury would totally fall on the event sponsor. Without the help of the UIL, organizing a district to regional to State format on the MS level, is a logistical nightmare.

    The only way I could see this happening is if a college (like UTSA, UTA, Sam Houston, etc), holds a MS race at their own respective XC meet and promotes it as the "MS State XC Championship."