CURRENT District Titles

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    I imagine that Kingwood has a pretty solid streak of district titles going. Probably all the way back to 1990 or so when MacArthur was state champ. I think they were in the same district back then.

    If so, that would be the longest 5A one.

    Longest state streak is Kingwood boys in the 90s. Second is The Woodlands boys' current streak of 5.

    EDIT: It is also completely possible that someone from the south or far west has the longest streak.

    I would also check Marcus boys from the north. I know they win a lot of titles. Don't know about the streak, though.
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    Weren't Kingwood & the Woodlands in the same district last year?

    @babybroker Yes, but Kingwood boys won the title.

    The district produced the state champion on both sides, but neither of them won district. Maybe there is something to that....
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    @run4life428 I think if you're just looking at a girls program...I don't know if HP's girls have lost a district titile since maybe the early 90's when they had a disqualification. So you could be looking at a string of nearly 20 straight district titles...and probaly close to that many Regional titles for the Lady Scots...