Meet Information

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Priddy High School will host a cross country meet on Wednesday, October 12. This years meet will be held at the Melody Oaks in Priddy Texas. The course is about a mile north of the school.

Race Schedule: 2:00 JV girls
2:25 Varsity girls
2:50 JV Boys
3:20 Varsity Boys
3:50 Elemetary Fun Run
4:00 7th grade girls
4:25 8th grade girls
4:50 JH boys

Distance: High School Boys will run 5K and all other divisions will run 2 miles. If there are any Larger HS Girls teams who want to run 5k let me know and we will try and run them during the JV boys race.

Awards: Team plaques for the top team in each division and medals for the top fifteen individuals in each division except JV boys with top ten.

Entry Fees: $70 per team (up to 8 members)
$10 per individual
$300 maximum per school

Entries: Please complete and return the below information as soon as possible so we know youre coming. Also, e-mail or fax rosters no later than Friday, October 7. Last minute changes to your roster should be faxed by 9:00 AM the day of the meet. If you need any extra information you may contact me at the school or on my cell phone 325-451- 4346.

Meet Registration Information HERE!