Meet Information

San Antonio Spartan Middle School Cross Country Meet

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Meet: we invite you to our San Antonio Spartan Middle School Cross Country Meet
Host: San Antonio Home School Spartan Cross Country Team
Course: Excellent venue! Lindbergh Park, San Antonio. We retain our unique international style grass
course, accurately measured 3200 meters, with hay bales, log jumps, and small dirt mounds for racing
excitement. Split signs, well marked and marshaled. Fan friendly, one can remain in a single location
and observe nearly all of a race. Will send aerial view course maps and directions to registered teams.
Start Times / Divisions / Distance (distance markers every 800m)
7:30 am - 8:20 am Walk course / sunrise 7:19 am
8:27 am Opening Prayer and National Anthem
8:30 am 7 th Grade Girls - 3200 meters
9:00 am 8 th Grade Girls - 3200 meters
9:30 am 7 th Grade Boys - 3200 meters
10:00 am 8 th Grade Boys - 3200 meters
10:35 am Fun run,  600 meters for children under 10 years of age (no fee)
10:50 am Middle School Team Awards
Fifth and sixth grade students permitted; eighth grade students must run in eighth grade race.
Fees: $60 per middle school team (a team = min 5 runners, max 7 runners; may enter more than
one team per division per school) $12 per individual; max fee $330 per middle school
Initial Sign-Up: indicate desire to participate by e-mail only to
Send school name, coach name, phone, and estimated divisions.
Registration: we will send on-line registration instructions via e-mail to all participating teams
Contact: Coach Neal Baumgartner - Home 210 545-2732 / Cell 210 373-6236