Region III Championship

November 06, 2010 @ --TBA-- in , TX

Hosted by Humble High    

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Saturday, November 6, 2010
Meet Information

LOCATION	Atascocita High School,  13300 Will Clayton Parkway, Humble, Texas 77346 (map enclosed)

HOST		The Humble Independent School District

COURSE	The course is flat and 99% grass.  Girls will run 3200 meters, boys will run 5000 meters.

QUALIFIERS	The top three teams and the top ten individual shall qualify from the district meet to regional’s.  Additional individuals do not move into the top 10 qualifying positions if any of the top 10 finishers are members of a qualifying team.

ENTRIES	Each qualifying school must submit their entries to the Regional Meet Director.  Entries must be typed on the Official Entry Form (enclosed) and faxed by 2:00 PM, Monday, November 1st to fax number (281) 641-1055 or by email to .  Qualifying teams must list first and last names and grades of the seven runners along with their three alternates.  Please be sure to include the coach’s name, contact phone numbers and a working email address.  NOTE:  The District Director’s Report will NOT serve as your entries for the Regional Meet.

CERTIFICATION  The Meet Director of each district, must certify and submit the district meet results to the Regional Meet Director.  The district results must be typed on the UIL certification form and faxed to (281) 641-1055 or 
e-mailed to by 2:00 PM, Monday, November 1st.

ENTRY FEES   Entry fees are $15.00 per individual.   (Ex: Team of 7 runners x 15.00 = 105.00)
Please make checks payable to:  “Humble ISD Athletics / Region III Cross Country”    
Mail Fees to:		Troy Kite - Humble ISD Athletics 
20200 Eastway Village Dr.
Humble, TX 77338
		If your district chairperson or treasurer is making full payment for all qualifiers from your UIL 
district, please submit a list of schools that are covered by the payment.

PACKET    	Packets will be available at the course site Friday afternoon between the hours of 3:00 and 
PICK UP	6:00 PM, and Saturday a minimum of one hour prior to race time.  Please refer to the enclosed time schedule for the declaration deadline for your division.

PRACTICE	The course will ONLY be open for practice Friday between the hours of 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

AWARDS	Trophies will be presented to the first place team in each division, medals to the members of the first three teams in each division, and medals to the first ten individuals in each division.
AWARDS   	The awards ceremonies will take place at the stadium adjacent the finish area at the stated times 
CEREMONY	on the time schedule.

STATE	    	The first three (3) teams and the first 10 individuals in the regional meet qualify for the 
QUALIFIERS 	state meet.  Additional individuals do not move into the top 10 qualifying positions if any of the top 10 finishers are members of a qualifying team.

T-SHIRTS	T-shirts will be on sale on Friday (11/5) and Saturday (11/6):   $12.00 short sleeve and $15.00 for long sleeve.

BUS PARKING	Please park in designated areas only.  We will have workers to help guide you the day of the meet.  
		See the Region III course Map.

MEET	        The following start times are the same as the STATE MEET.
SCHEDULE:	Classification     	Change Deadline	 	Start Time		Awards Ceremony 
		3A GIRLS		8:30 AM		10:00 AM		10:45 AM
		3A BOYS		8:50 AM		10:20 AM		11:05 AM
		4A GIRLS		9:20 AM		10:50 AM		11:35 AM
		4A BOYS		9:40 AM		11:10 AM		11:55 AM
		5A GIRLS		10:10 AM		11:40 AM		12:25 PM
		5A BOYS		10:30 AM		12:00 Noon		12:45 PM
		1A GIRLS		11:00 AM		12:30 PM		1:15 PM
		1A BOYS		11:20 AM		12:50 PM		1:35 PM
		2A GIRLS		11:50 AM		1:20 PM			2:05 PM
		2A BOYS		12:10 PM		1:40 PM			2:25 PM
BLOCK     	Runners are assigned a block from which they must stage and start the race.  The block 	
ASSIGNMENT 	number is labeled on the front of the packet.

RACE   		Race numbers must be visible and displayed on the front of the jersey.  Do not safety pin 
NUMBERS	through	the tear-off tag on the bottom of the number.  Check your numbers to make certain the numbers assigned to your school are correct.  

TIMING	Timing chips will be provided in your packet.  They must be worn by the correct person.  
CHIPS	In addition the chips must be returned in the collection area before the athlete leaves the finish

UNIFORM	UIL uniform guidelines will be in effect.  A “runners watch” will be the only jewelry permitted.  In the event of inclement weather, the meet referee may approve deviation from these guidelines.	

REPORT TIME 	Runners should report to the starting area, race ready 20 minutes prior to the scheduled race 

CHUTE    	Runners must run through the finish and continue moving down the length of the chute.  Runners are 
PROCEDURES 	responsible to remain in the correct order of finish and will be assisted in the event that they stop before exiting the chute.  

TRAINERS	Athletic Trainers will be available in the Trainers Tent.

HOUSING	Each school is responsible for its own housing.  A local hotel list has been provided for you in this packet.

TEAM AREAS	All team tent areas must be in designated areas – signs will be up on the day of the meet.

RESTROOMS	Portable toilets will be available at the starting line for “athletes only”.  There will be restroom facilities available as well near the concession stand.

RESULTS	Each coach will receive a results ticket in their packet that they can redeem for a copy of their division results as soon as those results are copied and ready for distribution.  Results will also be posted on the Humble ISD website (  

MEET 	Troy Kite
DIRECTORS	Krista Malmstrom
REFEREE	Shirley Crowe 

MORE INFO.  	For more information you may contact the Humble ISD Athletic Department by phone – 281-641-8130, fax 281-641-1055 or Troy Kite – or Krista Malmstrom –

Saturday, November 6, 2010
Atascocita High School, Humble, Texas


School Name:__________________________________ 

District #:___________ Conference (circle one) A   AA   AAA   AAAA   AAAAA

Coach:_____________________________Gender (circle one)     Boys        Girls

School Address:___________________________________________________

Home Phone:_____________________ School Phone:______________________

I hereby certify that the following students are eligible for participation:

                    Name                           Grade                        Name                        Grade

1.________________________  _____  6._______________________  _____

2.________________________  _____  7._______________________  _____

3.________________________  _____  8. *Alt.___________________  _____

4.________________________  _____  9. *Alt.___________________  _____

5.________________________  _____  10.*Alt.___________________  _____

* Alternates are eligible as a replacement on a qualifying team, but not as a replacement for an individual qualifier.

SIGNED:______________________________ (Superintendent or Principal)

NOTE:  The entry fee of $15.00 per individual (Team: 15.00 x 7 runners = $105.00) is required for entries to be processed.  Fees must either accompany the entry form or be sent to the Humble ISD Athletic Department.  Make checks payable to Humble ISD Athletics / Region III Cross Country


Region III Cross Country Championships
Humble ISD Athletic Department
Humble, TX  77347
Fax: 281-641-1055