Port Arthur Memorial Coach Granger

Coach Granger of Port Arthur Memorial is no stranger to coaching some of the best sprinters in the state of Texas. Now, he and his squad go down in history as one of the best quartets in U.S. history.

Granger's 4x100 relay team ran the second best time in history with their 39.80. Only the third American team to ever run under 40 seconds, they proved what being talented, hard working, and in a good system can produce.

Not only did Granger's squad tear up the track in the 4x100, they also amazingly repeated the performance in the 4x200 relay. They doubled back to drop the U.S. #2 All Time mark in that event as well with their scorching 1:23.52. 

In both events, Port Arthur Memorial is second only behind the 1998 Fort Worth O.D. Wyatt team. That O.D. Wyatt squad tortured the entire nation over the course of two years. In 1998, the 4x200 wasn't even a UIL competition at the State meet. Since it's been added, Texas teams have been leading the nation regularly in the event. This year, all but one week, since mid March has a team other than a Texas team held the top time this season. Five teams have held that honor this season, with Port Arthur blowing up the entire spot this weekend.


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