Updates, Updates, and More Updates

We have some great things in store for the 2006 season for Cross Country. Every season I try to bring something to the site to enhance our coverage and this year is no different. Here is the rundown of what we are doing in 2006.

Enhanced Member Pages:
We have enhanced your forum member pages. You have an option for a running blog that anyone can give you helpful comments on your training, Thete is a friends listing much like myspace. The page is fully customizable like myspace also. You can drop video, audio, anything HTML.

New Photo Gallery Database:
I need your pictures. We now have a database that relates pictures to any article, athlete profile, meet results, ect.. You can add tags to the photos much like FLICKR. Just email the photos to me and I will set it up for you.

District Rankings:
Last year we introduced Region Rankings and now we have district rankings. That is right all 160 districts will have it own rankings. It is all based on results. The more you send in the more accurate the results. You have to obtain and elite/notable time to be ranked.

We will add video to the site on a consistent basis. Don\'t have time to read all of the results and look at the rankings, not a big deal just watch the video wrap-up

and much more coming...