See How Texans Performed At Brooks PR

Bailey Lear after her Brooks PR Inv. win

BAILEY LEAR has had one of the more irregular track seasons for a high school athlete. That seems to have had little effect on her performances on the track. With only two varsity level meets, Lear still managed to drop two of the fastest times in the 400m. She has managed to drop 53 second 400m runs in those two opportunities coming away with wins in both. The most recent, this weekend at Brooks PR, she took on some of the toughest girls in the U.S. and took them all down. Although she never really left, Bailey Lear is back!

Staying with the 400m, SEAN HOOPER also went to Washington to take on the top quarter milers. With most of the top U.S. runners in that event, the hope to see a race full of 45 second high schoolers did not happen. This meet has proven to be tough for runners to crack the 46.0 mark and this year was no different. However, Hooper was able to manage a third place finish amongst the nation's best with his 46.40.

Photo by Bryan Deibel