AAU Championships Final Entries

Check out the final entries for the AAU Junior Olympic Championships held in Yspilanti, Michigan. The championships will take place on July, 29- August 5, 2017.

Boys Events                                 Girls Events

Boys 100m entries                                                    Girls 100m entries 

Boys 200m entries                                                    Girls 200m entries

Boys 400m entries                                                    Girls 400m entries

Boys 80,100,100H                                                     Girls 80,100,100H

Boys 200 & 400H                                                       Girls 200 & 400H

Boys 800m                                                                 Girls 800m

Boys 1500m                                                               Girls 1500m

Boys 2K Steeple Chase                                             Girls 2K Steeple Chase

Boys 3K                                                                       Girls 3K

Boys 1500 & 3K RW                                                    Girls 1500 & 3K RW

Boys LJ                                                                        Girls LJ

Boys TJ                                                                        Girls TJ

Boys Discus                                                                 Girls Discus

Boys Javelin                                                                Girls Javelin

Boys Shot Put                                                              Girls Shot Put

Boys High Jump                                                          Girls High Jump

Boys Pole Vault                                                            Girls Pole Vault

Boys Multi                                                                     Girls Multi

Boys 4x100 R                                                                Girls 4x100 R

Boys 4x400 R                                                                Girls 4x400 R

Boys 4x800 R                                                                Girls 4x800R