Texas Speed Factory

Kalon Barnes 4A Boys 100m Record 10.22

Since the early 80's,  there has been a nationwide debate regarding which State produces the most smoke when it comes to high school sprinting.

Virginia, Georgia, California, & Florida have all cast their credible ballots against the Lone Star State. However, every year Texas continues create a louder argument.

We all witnessed this at the 2017 Adidas Boost Boston Games. Texas sprint phenom Kalon Barnes upset a very talented 2017 Adidas Boost Boston Games Dream 100 Field. This field was comprised with 3 of the top Florida high school sprinters in the United States. 

Knowing this state debate is an ever looping episode, we would like to take a break and highlight an argument a little closer to home.  Where does the Texas Speed Factory originate from? Greater Houston area? Dallas Metroplex? Central Texas? West Texas?........ Let's cut to the chase... What area in Texas produces the fastest sprinters? I have my own opinion. What's yours?