Top District Distance Races From This Week

If you think distance races do not bring out the speed in people....think again. Check out the can't miss distance races from district races this past week.

We've seen a fast boys 800m already this season that was run at the Socorro ISD stadium. Well, here is another spectacular El Paso race, just not as fast. However, this time it had 30 mph winds that made it difficult to run fast but still a fun race to watch.

The 17-6A race is one of the largest districts in the state and you could definitely tell in the 1600m finals. Athletes had to navigate through the field just to get a good spot to run. The race was a definite second half negative split. Check out the race and see just how fast the second half was.

Yes, the 23-6A district was super fast on the sprint side, but the distance girls also brought the excitement to the meet. The 1600m is a prime example of that. Just when you thought the race was won, here comes a loop. Watch the race and see how it played out.

This district is always one of the toughest distance districts in the state. The Woodlands are usually finding a way to get their guys to the next level. They strike again in this race as they got three guys to move onto the Area meet. The battle for the win came down to the Highlanders' Gavin Hoffpauir and College Park's Bradley Pease. See who took the race and how it all went down.

The 19-6A boys 800m was a race the you could tell from the beginning was going to come down to a kick. When that time came, it was exactly that but a kick was matched and you could see that the 800m is now a sprint.

If you thought the 800 was a sprint and often time comes down to a kick, check this out. The El Paso 6A boys ran a 1600m race that was quite the drama. It wasn't until the end of the race the it was decided who would be in position for the qualifying spots. As for the end of races, check out this kick.

District 19-6A may not be the most top heavy district, but it is a very deep one. The evidence was right in the race. Lead changes were more often than usual, but this is a must see race.

The district 12-6A girls 800m was a pretty thick race from start to finish. It came down to whoever could run the fastest last 100m would earn the win. There still was a pack of girls in the mix. Don't miss!

Just like in the 1600m race at this district meet, the 3200 came down to a sprint. Once again, it was Bradley Pease and Gavin Hoffpauir with 100m left to go. Check it out and see who won tis time.

Yet, another exciting 800m race this week entertained the crowd that went to see the 17-6A track and field finals. The athletes battled the wind and each other as it was a straight up fight for one of the four Area meet qualifying spots. The same four guys will get to do it all over again next weekend.