Who Will Provide The XC Shenanigans This Year?

Vandegrift rocked out in week one of the 2017 season and set the bar high for XC shenanigans

Last year, we saw all kinds of team rituals, pre race and post race chants, even shenanigans with teams parading across the courses mid race and jamming out.

What will we see this year?

Our cameras will be rolling to capture the fun and best cross country meet action and not only the races. Who will provide the entertainment?

Check out some of the top videos of XC shenanigans from the last few years.

Sure, we are used to seeing Sanger at the state meet, but last year at Marcus I, we learned that the Sanger girls likes to dance. 

Flower Mound let the secret out of the bag last year. Part of the keys to their success is the pre race hype speech. Oh and the power of the FMHS flag! If that doesn't get you ready to run I don't know what will.

Then there was the Austin LBJ runner/flute player who decided to entertain and jam at the Cedar Park Inv. last year.

Back in 2016, we nearly had a weekly visitor in William Hunsdale from The Woodlands. Hunsdale was a serious competitor when he was running, but when he wasn't running he took on the responsibility to give tips to the entire state on how to be a good runner.

Leg Squats with The Woodlands

Why The Woodlands runners don't play football

Shoe tying techniques to being a better runner