Boys Preseason All-State Cross Country 3rd Team

The boys Preseason All-State 3rd team is full of talent and full of seniors. Many of the previous runners were juniors and younger, but the experience runners are beginning to show up.

A lot of the guys on the third team had very good cross seasons last year and a few of them tore it up on the track earning them a spot on the top three teams for the preseason. Click through the slides to see which third team guys should be tearing it up this year.

#21 I #20 I #19 I #18 I #17 I #16 I #15

Girls Preseason 3rd Team

Boys Preseason 4th Team

Girls Preseason 4th Team

Girls Honorable Mention/Preseason 5th Team 

Boys Honorable Mention/Preseason 5th Team