Week One Performers Of The Week

El Paso Hanks' Roger Rivera (153) won last week's POW Poll

Week one of the 2018 season occurred this weekend and it was HUGE. There were tons of elite performances throughout the entire state as Texas is known to do. 

Check out the results of last week's POW poll as Alexa Rodriguez of Laredo Nixon came away the winner of the Poll (As she did in her race last week and this week) as did Roger Rivera from El Paso Hanks.

This week's Polls will be for both boys and girls individual honors and team honors.

Girls Individual Poll I Girls Team Poll I Boys Individual Poll I Boys Team Poll

Preseason Week 2 Girls Poll Winner Alexa Rodriguez

All five girls received excellent support from the fans to justify their outstanding performances from last week.

With 14, 705 votes, Alexa Rodriguez comes away with the win from last week's poll. 

Preseason Week 2 Boys Poll Winner Roger Rivera

El Paso Hanks' Roger Rivera also received the majority of the vote with 53.02%.

Rivera and Will Muirhead from Lucas Lovejoy both received tons of fan support due to their performances, with Rogers getting just under 10% more.