Nathan Perez - Warren High School's Speed Racer

Nathan Perez of San Antonio Warren already has two wins on the season including a 15:41 true 5K

Texas 6A Division - meet Nathan Perez from San Antonio Warren High School. What's that? You've already met? When were you introduced? Was it his 4:31 performance in the 1600m run as a freshman? It should have been. Similar to Batman signaling his symbol into the night sky, Nathan's times definitely stand out. In similar dark knight fashion, you need to watch out for his ridiculously lethal kick. 

There are athletes who run, and there are genuine true to the heart runners. Nathan is unmistakably the latter. His form, his technique and his ability are those of a runner who combines talent and hard work to formulate a devastating pace that is hard to match.

Nathan's performance at the Vista Ridge XC Invitational in Cedar Park, TX showed what the kid is made of.  A true cross country course, Vista Ridge provided an endless supply of obstacles in the form of angles, terrain, competition and tight spots.  Considering all those factors he still managed to pull off a 15:41 finish to snag first place in the Varsity Boys 5K division.

The week prior, his performance at the Northeast ISD meet was equally as impressive.  The heat wasn't exactly helpful in running the 2 mile course the athletes were asked to overcome.  Regardless, Nathan was able to keep a 5:25 pace going strong and finished with a time of 10:50.  That's not what you would consider an easy task by any means.

In the minds of everyone keeping a close eye on this division, it should be apparent that Nathan is a great contender for coming in and swinging for the state title.  Unfortunately, without a previous title to speak of - we can only speculate.  The outlook is promising for the Warren High School Senior - he has seen incremental improvement since he was a freshman.

Let's just hope he has improved enough.