Lovejoy XC Fall Festival Is Cancelled

 She has struck again.

Who? Mother Nature.

This time, it affects the Lovejoy XC Fall Festival. What was schedule to be one of the biggest and best collection of Talent in recent weeks will have to wait until next year.

Meet organizer and Lovejoy boys head coach Kelly emailed a statement today at 12:47 p.m. He cited the expected weather forecast over the next couple of days as one of the reasons for the decision.

Other major factors were visited to further affect the decision. Consideration of giving teams advanced notice, park conditions for future meets, and parking logistics as decision making factors.

It is an unfortunate situation for fans, coaches, and athletes, but providing teams with "advance notice to make alternate plans", and provisions can only be respected.

With the possible forecasts across the state, Hopefully, this will be the only cancellation.

Last week, there were several meet cancellations from the San Antonio area down to the  border. Prior to that, meets in Dallas were attempted, but were prevented from completion or cancelled altogether.