Ten Burning Questions Heading Into The UIL State Meet

Are Canyon Girls Unstoppable

We are used to seeing the purple uniforms of the Canyon girls at the state meet, but that has been in the UIL 5A classification. With the UIL realignment, it appears that their enrollment numbers are down and now they are in Class 4A.

Oh boy, has this been the ideal year for them to have that happen. They have a team made up mostly of youngsters, but oh boy, they can absolutely roll.

The team is accustomed to running 5Ks for most of the season since they have been in 5A. Well, they have continued that throughout most of the year and when they have run 2 mile races, it hasn't been pretty. They have straight taken it out on the distance. The combination of 5K experience and expectation lets them appear to eat 2 miles like a piece of cake.

On the season, the Canyon girls have a 11:56 average 49 second 1-5 split for the 2 mile and a 5K stat line of 18:52 and 1:09 1-5 split.

They are taking on Bandera who has dominated the 4A girls by winning four straight championships and are looking for number five. Are the Canyon Girls Unstoppable?

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