SLC Boys or Hebron Girls - Who Has The Best Moves?

The interviews from this weekend were some of the all season long.

Here, we spotlight three specific interviews. The Lewisville Hebron girls who ran in the Open race had quite a dandy interview. They answered our day long dilema and then we got a dance.

Hebron Open Race Girls

If you think that group of Hebron girls were interesting, then don't miss the championship race team.

The varsity girls were waiting on their interview and would not easily be out done by the open race girls. They weren't. They also answered the day long dilema and then some. They even did a little dancing of their own. 

Hebron Championship Race Team

But, wait. 

Hebron isn't the only school that has some moves.

We talked with the Southlake Carroll boys at the state meet and we got a dance from them. They promised a follow up and we got it. We even got a one round dance off between team members.

SLC Boys

Who had the best dance moves of NXR South?