Did NXN Qualifier Brynn Brown Choose The Correct Sport?

By now, it is no secret that Brynn Brown was not only faced with some tough news, but survived a tough decision. Her potential career ending injury (Ischial Tuberosity (sitting bone) stress reaction) caused her to abruptly end her 2017 season at championship time.

Brown was absent from the state meet that she qualified for as well as from every post season race. She would take the required rest that would help her rehab and save her from the possibility of never being able to run competitively again.

The decision to rest has definitely paid off in this sophomore season. With the guidance from her Denton Guyer head coach Jonathan Ponsonby, Brown has been terrorizing cross country courses and national rankings on a weekly basis.

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Brown has produced only two races over 18:00 this season along with three races under 17:00. Those races have helped contribute to her five meet wins this season and her #1 sophomore class national ranking.

These accomplishments have come at the end of some tough decision making. Not only did Brown choose end her freshman season early as well as choose to totally shut things down and rest and recover opposed to having surgery, but she chose against one of the things she truly loved.

"I've been playing soccer since I was four. I was always a midfielder and loved running all over the field to get the ball in the back of my opponents net."

Brynn Brown - Denton Guyer sophomore

She chose to stop playing soccer to allow her to focus on running. "I made the decision to quit soccer, and solely focus on running. I did not want to undergo the same situation I did the previous year, so I made the decision to drop soccer to become fully engaged in running. 

That situation was overuse. "My doctor described it as my hamstring pulling away from my ischial tuberosity due to overuse."

With playing soccer and running cross country, the mileage began to add up for Brown. "With basically working out three times a day last spring I usually accumulated around 10-14 miles a day, and at least 70 miles weekly with some weeks getting as high as 100 miles per week with hardly any rest." 

"I've been playing soccer since I was four. I was always a midfielder and loved running all over the field to get the ball in the back of my opponents net."

"So far I am really enjoying my decision!"

Brynn Brown - Denton Guyer sophomore

It was through soccer, that she discovered that she had a talent for running.

In boys sports, we lose cross country and track and field athletes to soccer, football, and basketball mainly. The girls have a high percentage of potential good athletes choosing to play other sports as well like soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

We aren't used to winning many battles with other sports, but it looks like we have won a good one with this victory.

But, did Brown make the right choice?

Soccer wasn't just the sport she had done for a long time. It also wasn't just the thing that took her time, dedication, and her family's commitment. It was something she love and it was something she was actually very good at.

For now, we have an outstanding athlete who chose our sport, but what will the consensus of her decision be in a few years?

Who knows, but in present time, her choice is paying off. She will compete at the Nike Cross Nationals (NXN), this weekend against the best high school distance runners in the county. She will do it all again next week at the Foot Locker Nationals.

Her road may eventually lead back to soccer one day, but these first two weekends of December 2018, it'll lead her to an opportunity to try to be the best high school distance runner in the nation.

Her words say it all, "So far I am really enjoying my decision!"