Tuesday Tips: Sweeping Trigger Hands With Starts

This is the second edition of Tuesday Tips. Throughout the season, we will bring you a series of quick tips for track and field events.

There will be a wide range of tips covering field events like shot put, long jump, pole vault and more. The future tips will also include events on the track in the sprints, hurdles, middle distance, as well as distance events.

Today's tip, agains comes from coach Will Collins who coaches high school, collegiate, and post collegiate athletes in his camp that he calls Fast University.

Collins' second tip continues with a focus on the start block technique and improving the overall time by efficiency in the blocks. 

The tip focuses on sweeping the trigger hand and arms with the initial reaction. This maximizes force from the blocks and improves the drive phase.

Watch as Collins and some of his athletes demonstrate the correct and incorrect technique that he emphasizes at the Fast University camp. 

Coach Will Collins at Fast University

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