Top 21 Race Videos Of The Week

I normally wouldn't start off a race of the week video with a 3200m race. However, this race was particularly interesting to me. It's 3200m, so how exciting can it really be?

But, what I found interesting is the distance runners in the valley don't care who you are, they're gonna race. PSJA Memorial senior Cruz Gomez is one of the top distance runners in Texas and nationally, but that didn't scare or stop the rest of some of the RGV top distance runners. 

They race only went out at 5:01, but it picked up and there was a huge group of guys right there on Gomez. One of the top risers in the state Jose Calvillo even took the lead at the end of the race. The last 500 meters got really good and you can see that the legs on the 4x400 relay have been adding to the leg speed of Gomez.