Texas Track And Field Athletes Drop Rap Album This Week!

-Photo Credit: Aminia Clark and Shelton Jolivette

Patrick Piperi and Adam Clark are two talented field event athletes for The Woodlands High School. Piper is a state champion in the Texas UIL 6A Shot Put champion and has a 66-6 PR and a 187-10 PR in the Discus. Junior high jumper, Clark is also a state finalist in the High Jump and has a 6-8 PR.

Both guys are passionate about track and field. Piperi has earned a scholarship to the University of Texas where he will enroll next fall and Clark looks to earn a scholarship for himself.

However, they both also have another shared interest...Music, rap music to be specific and they use their talent and drive from one interest to help them in the other.

"In correlation with track and music, I've always been the type of person that needs a good song in my head. I feel like Adam and I have a good message to spread and I really think we can go places with this," Piperi said.

Clark says, "I use music as an outlet, the same as track when I'm feeling emotional, it's just a get away or a go to thing.  Whether I'm feeling down or angry I can go out and jump or go out and make a song and I feel like I connect with both of those very well. That's what I like to do, those are my two passions."

Piperi and Clark have been working on an album for over a year and will release their first album "If All Else Fails" on SoundCloud tomorrow, May 23, 2019.

"You can expect a lot of versatility a lot of different types of songs. It's not going to sound the same as everybody else, it's not going to be the same song over and over and over," Clark said. 

Both guys plan to bring their own flare to the record, but they have one common motivation for it all. Clark said, "I want to bring what X brought to the table and try to touch some people, but at the same time have people jumping wild and going crazy at a concert."