ICYMI: Top 6 Race Videos From The Weekend

GCSTCA Heat Wave Varsity Girls

The Heat Wave had some quality teams going for it in a relay style meet. On a sneakily tough course Houston area teams tried to see who has the top 2 person relays.

The Greenhill school came down from Dallas and possibly surprised those who did not know that SPC still has a star distance runner in Maddie Hatfield on their first leg.

Watch the race as teams were able to overcome the first leg cushion built by Hatfield. They did it possibly with the help of sprinklers to minimize the heat wave.

- - -

Friday Night Hawk Invite

The Hebron hosted event had some studs at this meet. The boys Elite race had no shortage of fast guys itching to get a fast start to the season. With teams like Hebron, Wylie, Grapevine, and others, the race was no doubt going to be a good one. It was as it came down to a kick between Wylie's Luke Lambert, Ross McKee of Hebron, and Richland's Cadon Cox who were all separated by less than a second. Lambert and McKee both had the exact same time.

- - -

SCUC Invite

The SCUC Invite had a couple of good races. One of them was the JV Girls race. A San Antonio Johnson runner was able to pick off runner after runner throughout the race to take the win.

- - -

GCSCTA Heat Wave

It's important to do your homework! MileSplit is here for a reason. I know the first meet of the year brings nerves and endorphins, but you've got to know who you're running against. 

Again, at the GCSCTA, the boys had relays going on. On the first leg, was three of the fastest guys in the state and they are in our Preseason Top 15 Individuals. The Woodlands' Ryan Cardinal, Ethan Hammer, and Klein's Christopher Daniels ran like vets as they let others push the early pace in the Houston heat.

They eventually got around to feeling their rhythm and taking over the pacing. Watch how the rest of the relay race unfolded.

- - -

SCUC Varsity Boys

This race had two of the best half milers in the state in it. They let their speed begin to take over at the end of the race turning it into a match up athletes who have plenty of leg speed and who enjoy running in discomfort.

Watch as San Antonio Johnson's Victor Zuniga and Round Rock's Hayden Gray turned this race into a barn burner and a sprint to the end.

- - -

Plano ISD XC Inv.

In the first full fledged 5K of the season, we saw some guys straight up put it down. District rivals, Allen senior Jonathan Chung and Plano East senior Grant Wilcox had a good two man race for 80% of it. 

The two ran side by side on a pretty swift pace for mid August. Chung ended up pulling away, but check out two guys going on a nice stroll and on a serious pace for a full 5K this early in the season.