10 Social Media Accounts To Follow This Weekend

photo credit: jcsocialmarketing.com

Social Media has taken over the world. You have all kinds of things in your social media fees like suggested people to follow or the people who you already follow follows... you get the picture.

Here are 10 related social media accounts you might want to follow if you're into running.


Come on, this is a no brainer. This is the FIRST social media account all Texas cross country coaches, teams, athletes, and parents should follow. Make sure to join and be active in your coaching associations!


@SteveMagness is one of the best running related follows someone interested in running could have. Coach Magness is not only a coach and an author, he is also a former runner and a not so shabby one either!


@PaulaCTX always has some very good nutritional pointers. It could come in the form of dietary information, to recipes, to stats, but definitely information as a runner you don't want to miss. 


Why follow @CoachCapeau? Well, he may not your coach, but he is a coach and he shares and retweets stuff on running and coaching in general. It also helps that he is as funny as anyone, but he is also a great motivator and makes you think about what your doing and why your doing this running thing!


Yes, @SL_Running does have a lot of Carroll High School content on their site, but don't be a hater! Look beyond that for the information sharing and props to they give to all out there in the running community. They also post and retweet a lot of things you might not know. If nothing else, you definitely want the updated TDF info!

Laredo Running Chronicles FaceBook


This time around we are bringing an instagram account to you. @intuitioninthakitchen is another food friendly account. If you're a foodie, you'll love this one as Brynn Brown dishes out her recipes and meals on a daily basis. Here you can get a first hand account on what an elite athlete eats and how she prepares it herself.


@FastUniversity is a must follow. I know it isn't track season yet, but the year around the clock knowledge and information sharing is non stop!


After we dropped the CCCAT account you knew this had to be coming. @TTFCA is self explanatory, but they do cover you during cross country too. Make sure to support and get active in your coaches associations!


Last, but not least is @inkyjohnson. I don't know who hasn't yet heard at least part of one of his speeches. If it doesn't make you feel better or want to do better then I just don't know what to think about you. He speaks to all sports and even beyond the world of athletics. Th former Tennessee Vils football player even recently came to the town where the real UT is to speak. He's definitely worth the follow.