Best MileSplit Interviews From The Last Couple Of Weeks

Post race interviews can sometimes be interesting, informative, and insightful to what an athlete or coach thinks about their performance, a course, and perspective on things.

However, some of them can also be very entertaining. With some organic response and some scripted by the teams, check out some of the most entertaining interviews from the last couple of weeks.

McKinney North Boys +1 (London Culbreath)

The McNeil Invite was McKinney North the boys out of town trip, however they were joined by a special guest in Mrs. London Culbreath. The week before, the McKinney North girls went to California for a trip and we asked London which group was more interesting.

Marcus Boys Have The Moves

The McNeil Invite brought us another entertaining video. We talked business with the boys from Marcus and then we got down to the real deal -- Their dance moves. By now, I'm sure everyone has seen the Twitter post on their moves, well just in case you haven't here is a tiny snippet of what they were going to release at their Homecoming dance later that evening.

Nikki Rowe Girls

The Nikki Rowe girls haven't interviewed much, but they didn't seem to be too shy. They talked like they're coached well and they are absorbing what the coaching staff is teaching and preaching. Then the got to the end of the interview and they were asked about shout out.....Oh boy!

Taylor McClung Straightforward And To The Point

When you ask Taylor McClung a question, be ready for the answer. She didn't hold any punches and didn't send any mixed messages.

Smithson Valley Girls Have Personality

The Smithson Valley girls have been traveling all over Texas to get the best competition. The travel has not affected their spirits at all. This is a very energetic group and has tons of personality.

Goofy Reedy

So, Reedy has the energy, they have a team mom (who doesn't have any kids), and they are self proclaimed goofy. See if they pass the test.

Fort Worth Paschal Lives Together

The Fort Worth Paschal girls are just getting into the whole cross country thing, but the bonding part they have down. They see each other so much that they basically live together.

Flower Mound Varsity Girls

After the regular interview questions, we ditched the script (happens often with FM girls) and asked some special questions, the answers were -- special.

Flower Mound Elite Varsity

At the the MileSplit meet earlier this season, we interviewed the varsity girls and we found out some strange things. When we later interviewed the Elite Varsity group, we found out they are just as tight and interesting as the other group!

Denton Guyer's Unique Intro

So, usually we start things off in cross country and relay interviews with introductions so you know who is who. We have a script sorta speaking, but the Guyer girls had an introduction idea of their own. We might just have to make this the new protocol for interview introductions.

Fayeteville Arkasas Girls Are Quirky

Last but not least are the girls from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Not only did they come to Texas to run well and take care of business, but they also came to have fun. Like the Guyer girls, they came up with an introduction of their own. They definitely show some personality in their interview.