Katy Seven Lakes Nearly Sweeps District Titles

The life of a Spartan is glorious on the outside looking in. But the realism in the world of the Greek Warriors weren't really all as attractive as some think. 

There requirement and expectation of being tough, life long fighters, and constant inspection for perfection was the way of the world.

The Katy Seven Lakes Spartans just about lived up to that standard at the UIL 6A - District 19 Championships.

The Katy school district is adequately equipped of high level distance running and coaching, but Seven Lakes made the district championship look pretty easy. 

Like the Greek Spartans, they fought and they just missed coming out with a perfect day by one point. Under the direction of Coach Kenney (Boys HC) and Coach Pollack (Girls HC), the programs won five of the six district titles.

- - -

Narrow Varsity Wins

The Varsity Girls race started the meet and it was a good one. The Spartans came up with a minimal five point win over Tompkins. Led by sophomore Katie Fitzpatrick, they scored 40 points. Their 19:09 team average and 47 second 1-5 split has them as a likely state meet qualifier from Region 3-6A.

The Varsity Boys race was even closer then the girls race. Seven Lakes squeaked a 34 - 38 win. They were impressive with a 16:02 team average and a 40 second 1 - 5 split. Led by senior Carson Slater, the first four runners sealed the deal going third through sixth place all within five seconds.

More Close Calls In JV

The one race that Seven Lakes squads missed the win in was the JV Girls. They lost the team title to Tompkins by one point 33 - 34, but it wasn't without a quality effort. Sophomore Sofia Chazaro won the JV Girls race and the team ran the same 21:44 team average as Tompkins. 

It took a very strong and talented Tompkins JV Girls team to narrowly out run Seven lakes.

Junior Michael Huff led the way for Seven Lakes with the overall win. The team to a 17:30 tam average and a 25 - 35 district win.

Freshmen Show The Future Is Bright

Coach Pollack's girls went 1 - 2 - 3 in the freshman race to get the winning back in a groove after the 1 point loss in the JV girls. This demonstrated the depth the Spartans have on the girls side as they finished up the scoring with sixth and fourteenth place finishes to take their point total to 26 and end up with a 36 second 1-5 split.

Braedon Bigott won the freshman boys race going 10:52 and continuing the winning streak for the school. They finished with a 11:15 team average an a 45 second team split for the win.