South Boys NXN Team And Individual Predictions

2019 NXN Boys Qualifier Predictions and Bios

Southlake Carroll 

State Meet Finish -  UIL 6A 1st place

NXR South Finish -  1st

NXN Roster - Nate Lannen (SR), Solomon Chavez (JR), Tim McElaney (SR), Antonio Florcruz (JR), Joe Gardner (SO), Michael McCabe (SR), Brett Gilley (SR)

Prediction - Southlake Carroll finished 17th overall last year out of 22 teams. They definitely want a better showing this year. Can they? Yes, this year's squad is a way better team than the one they took last year. Their performance at NXN last year wasn't a bad performance. They ran with a 51 second split and a 16:28 average.

However, they were better than that finish and they definitely are better this year. In their last three races, Carroll ran averages and splits of 15:51 - 40 second split (NXR South), 15:22 -  26 second split (State), 15:11 - 36 second split (Region 1-6A (3 miles)). 

At the Woodbridge Cross Country Classic this year, Carroll finished third overall behind two California teams that have chances to make the podium (Newbury Park and Great Oak). The weather and course conditions will provide a drastic difference from what they're used to, but these guys have done it before. If Carroll can continue to run fast and strong as they have been and keep things around 16:00 and stay tight, they could be in top 5.

The Woodlands

State Meet Finish - UIL 6A 2nd place

NXR South Finish -  2nd

NXN Roster - Ryan Cardinal (SR), Ethan Hammer (SR), Brian Sewell (JR), Aaron Soltmann (SR), Benjamin Amundson (SR), Kyle Easton (SO), Matias Mononen (SR)

Prediction - The Woodlands boys broke through and were finally able to get back to NXN. Don't think just because they accomplished the goal to get here that they are done. Their goals and geared all of the way to the end. They are smart and they will know exactly what they need to do have the outcome they'd be happy with. 

At NXN, they ran 16:10 with a 51 second split and went 15:22 with a 63 second split at state. They have two low stick runners with Cardinal and Hammer's abilities. They will surely be low scorers for the Highlanders, but it'll be upon the number three and beyond to keep them in the mix. The Woodlands has a win against national competition from the Desert Twilight in Arizona. With another solid outing, The Woodlands is a top 10 team.

El Paso Eastwood

State Meet Finish - UIL 5A 1st

NXR South Finish - 3rd

NXN Roster - Juan Olmos (SR), Elias Perez (SR), Nathan Hernandez (JR), Victor Parra (JR), Sergio Leon Cuartas (JR), Andres Gurrola (SO), Victor Anchondo (SO)

Prediction - Some have wondered how Eastwood got the at-large bid over some other programs across the nation. After a last place NXN finish last year, they haven't fared well in their national meets this year and they finished outside of the automatic qualifying positions.

Well, this weekend, we will see a bounce back race from the Eastwood Troopers. They had a good race at NXR South, but it just wasn't good enough top top SLC or TWHS. The results merge shows that they had an epic state meet race and they are wanting to make up for the NXR South race and especially last year's NXN.

Olmos and Perez are consistent and reliable. They will need the same support and race results The Woodlands needs and they will have their best results. Getting back to their pack running, low split, and fast racing, Eastwood can also have a top 10 team finish. They have the NXN experience, now they can show what they are made of.