Brynn Brown And Judson Greer Run Fastest 3,200s Before March

This weekend, the Coppell Relays was fast in every event 800 meters and up.

Nothing less should be expected from when talking about Coppell and the teams that attended the meet. However, describing it as fast isn't a good enough adjective. 

Two competitors dropped the fastest times by high schoolers through the month of February.

Denton Guyer's Brynn Brown and Melissa's Judson Greer took the fast and ran with it -- to All-Time type of fast.

Brown ran a 9:58.58 for the 18th fastest 3,200m time of all-time and the fastest ever to do it before the calendar turned to the month of March. Brown continues to leave her mark on the high school all-time list as her 9:57.54 two-mile race at last year's Brooks PR Invitational ranks her No. 14 all-time at that distance.

Last spring, Brown added the UIL State Meet 3,200m record when she ran 10:09.91. That could be blown out of the water when May rolls around this year.

Greer followed up Brown's record run with a blistering race of his own. He recorded a 8:56.99 in the boys 3,200m, not only grabbing top state and national rankings, but producing a race that now ranks as the fastest boys 3,200m time ever through the month of February.

Last spring, Greer also ran a UIL State Meet record when he dropped a 9:06.00 for a UIL 4A state record. He could lower his current record and possibly chase the overall state record of 8:50.43 set by Southlake Carroll's Reed Brown in 2016.

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