TBT: 2017 Texas Southern Relays DeSoto V. Manvel 4x400 Relay

2017 TSU Relays boys 4x400 Relay

If it wasn't for the Coronavirus, we would be at Texas Southern Relays (TSU Relays) getting ready to watch the 2020 meet. That would be some of the best in Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin and some out of state teams all descend to Houston for another classic track and field meet.

Since, that isn't happening, let's look back at the 2017 boys 4x400 Relay from TSU Relays to see another version of the DeSoto/Manvel battle that was so hot over the course of several years. Both teams went 3:11 in March to demonstrate how talented they were.

DeSoto won this battle 3:11.69 to 3:11.98.