Dear Running: I Would Not Have Found My Place

Bryan Rudder's Kevin Kindt was a state meet qualifier last year. His fourth place finish was just outside of medaling; he followed that up with a tremendous indoor season.  With indoor and outdoor PRs this season, Kindt was looking to rock the state in the throwing events before the season suspension.

   I would like to thank you running because I would not have found a place that does appreciate my events just as much, if not, more than I do.

Dear running,

        I am obviously not the fastest person in the state. Heck, I'm not the fastest on my team and I mean by a long shot. This is because I didn't necessarily decide to do track to run. In fact at first I did it to stay out of middle school offseason, but the events I did grew on me. No, it still wasn't the 100 meter dash or even a 60 meter dash. It was to throw shot put and discus. That's right. You never will see me on the track, especially for a meet. You'll see me getting my hands dirty over by the concrete slabs. 

          With that said you would think that I have been doing this since I was like 6, perhaps even just that strong, or my favorite, that it's just always this easy for him. First of all I've only been doing this since 7th grade. Also yes I was very strong but I also have learned that it takes more than just strength in even events like shot put. Plus I wasn't always the strongest kid on the block. Especially when it came to mental toughness. Along with all that, I kid you not, I was most definitely the most athletic kid all the time. I still am not the best athlete sometimes. This leads me to finally saying it wasn't always this easy for me. I had to grind on my craft more than people think I do.  I went to summer track, I did indoor track outside of school, and I can guarantee you that I was one of the first to the ring as well as the very last person every practice. Plus I practice with my own implements even on holidays and weekends. I throw so much that my coaches have to put limits on me occasionally. I would say there are very few people who know how much I put into it and it gets annoying sometimes hearing that I was always the top dog in the shot put because it wasn't at all the case. In fact I believe there is still more that I feel that I can showcase. I wish for the season to not be over but if it is in God's plan then it's time to move to the next chapter of my life.

     I would like to thank you running because I would not have found a place that does appreciate my events just as much, if not, more than I do. It has presented me with a home away from home. A 2nd family, a Samfam family. Don't get me wrong though about Aggieland, aka, Bryan-College Station. I won't ever forget where I came from. Even though I will bleed mostly a form of orange and white for the rest of my life, I still will never wear burnt orange. Even though you and I don't agree sometimes running, I would like to thank you for giving me a chance to just break barriers in life with the Samfam.