What We'll Miss At State: Judson Greer Continue To Fly

Melissa junior Judson Greer had an impressive 2020 season in both cross country and a shortened track and field season. After setting the the UIL 4A 3200m state meet record, greatness was his destiny this track season until COVID-19 ended it.

There is no doubt about it, Judson Greer has certainly taken flight, no turbulence, no bumps, and no sign of landing soon.

The Melissa junior has soared to another level and continues to fly. In this, his junior year, Greer started the Fall off with an undefeated season through the state meet. Thats when he won his second straight UIL 4A cross country championship with a fantastic 14:34.66. 

From there, he went on to qualify for both national cross country meets by finishing second in the Nike Cross Nationals South Regional and then winning the Foot Locker South Regional. When all was said and done, he had an All-American fifth place finish at the Foot Locker National Championship.

The 2020 track season started off with just as much flare. Greer has one race on record for this year before the season was suspended. That one race was a 8:56.99 3200m on February 29th at the Coppell Relays. That is the fastest high school boys outdoor 3200m even recorded before the month of March.

Two months later, we are looking at the time where Greer and others would have been making their push for the state meet. The question we will be asking ourselves is what could he have done this year with how he started? The sky was truly the limit. Greer has already collected four UIL state meet gold medals in his career; that includes last year's sweep of the cross country title and the 1600m and 3200m golds.

Speaking of Greer's 2019 state meet accomplishments, in route to his 3200m win, he added one more major feat; Greer set a UIL 4A state meet record in 9:06.00. Out performing that by 10 seconds two months ahead of time, this state meet could have been Greer's wrecking ball slamming all over things in Austin.

Success hasn't been hard for the Melissa distance star to find. He has yet to finish less than third in a state meet competition ever since he started his high school career. Although we'll never know, it doesn't look like his streak was going to be in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, what we'll also never know is how far Greer's progression would have taken him at state in his junior track season. It could possibly have led to another UIL 4A record or maybe even an overall UIL state meet record.

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