Coach T Memorial Procession Sunday Afternoon

We are excited to honor Coach T and show his family our love despite COVID-19 limitations.

Please join us for a Memorial Procession in front of the Telaneus' home. 

Please gather at

Denton Bible Church

2300 E University Dr.

Denton, TX 

Please arrive at 1:45pm, the procession will begin at 2pm. 

See the map below - the first cars should assemble at the red X facing Nottingham Dr. and will form organically around the church. 

You are welcome to decorate your cars and roll down your windows but please remain in your cars. 

The Telaneus Family is looking forward to seeing all the people who love Coach T! 

Please share this with any and all who know and love Coach T, feel free to use the final image in this doc to share on social media. 

Love and Respect Forever!