Brynn Brown Scores Unofficial National Record 9:39 3,200m

Denton Guyer junior Brynn Brown has really been into it by dropping some mind blowing time trials and workouts. Last week, she blew everyone's minds with a 4x1600m workout where she dropped four sub 5 minute repeats (4:52, 4:55, 4:55, 4:57).

This week, Brown decided to drop one last performance before shutting things down. That season ending effort resulted in another big moment and an unofficial national record, producing a time of 9:39.38. Earlier this year, she ran a 3,200m PR at the Denton Relays with a 9:58.

That performance surpasses Katelyn Tuohy's record of 9:47.88 from the Loucks Games in 2018.

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