San Elizario Talks Having Season During Pandemic

San Elizario is one of the top 4A programs to ever come out of Texas with multiple State Championships. Currently ranked #1 in 4A by the CCCAT, Coach Morales hopes to lead his team to another state run behind one of his best, Edwin Gomez

Even though the outlook for the 2020 season seemed pretty grim, Coach Morales has stayed optimistic for he and his team to be able to find success as he discussed the positivity and health his team has maintained. "We're healthy which is the main part and the kids are very competitive and passionate about improving everyday," Morales said about the upcoming season.

Some parts of Texas have been able to start their training earlier than others due to the nature of the pandemic. El Paso chose to delay the start of their seasons due to precautions but despite the constant adaptation of the city and school district precautions, the San Eli coach feels like his team is right where they need to be. 

"The importance now is to stay healthy and finish the season."

Cesar Morales, San Elizario Head Coach

Morales said he is confident that the leader on his team will set some records this season as they have not started the speed phase of their program. Gomez took what will presumably be the first of many 1st place finishes past weekend at the Tornillo/San Elizario Invitational. This will be some much needed momentum going into this weekend as Coach Morales takes his team to one of the top meets in the nation, Desert Twilight. With plenty of time left in the season, there should be no doubt that the San Elizario team will be ready to run on full cylinders come State.