MAC Vault Winter Invitational Entries And Flights

The pole vault can't stop and won't stop!

There have been several indoor competitions already this winter and this weekend, MAC Vault Academy will host another event with the MAC Vault Winter Invitational on January 22-23, 2021. On Saturday, MileSplit will be LIVE on site to stream the competitions.

See the press release and entry list and flights from MAC Vault Academy:

- - -

Press Release - Thank you for registering for the MAC Vault Academy Winter Invitational. We are looking forward to an awesome competition with vaulters from all over the country.

The following is the schedule, guidelines, groups, and waivers. The COVID-19 waiver and the USATF waiver is attached if you'd like to bring them with you. Both of these forms must be completed with each new event. Please read this email all the way through!
- - -
1. We are asking everyone to wear a mask. Athletes are welcome to take their masks off when they start warming up, however when walking around the gym, please keep your masks on. Spectators and coaches will be asked to wear a mask during their entire stay at the facility. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes, however, our main concern is for the safety of everyone involved. We are requesting 2 spectators per athlete to help keep the crowd size to a minimum.  There will be a $5 spectator fee upon arrival.
2. We will be asking everyone (parents, spectators, athletes, and coaches) to sign a COVID-19 acknowledgment form upon arrival. It is attached if you'd prefer to print it out and have it signed ready to go when you come in. Please read over it and understand there is a risk that you are taking when attending a large event. Please take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.
3. Temperatures will be taken upon arrival. If you have an elevated temperature, we will ask you to return home.
- - - 
4. Please keep 6ft of space between yourself and other parties. The observation room will be available for additional seating and heating, but masks are REQUIRED in this space. 
5. Athletes, please bring your own CHALK to reduce spreading germs between athletes. We will NOT have our chalk bins out and about for public use. 
7. The schedule WILL NOT BE ROLLING in efforts to limit crowd size. Please arrive at the time of your scheduled groups' warm-up and leave after the completion of the competition. 
8. We will be offering snacks and BBQ at the concession stand. Mike will be cooking pulled pork sandwiches and chips for $8 as well as drinks and other snacks. You're also welcome to bring food, but please keep all food in the concrete areas.
9. Please bring a chair. There are seats at the facility, but there is no guarantee there will be enough seats to accommodate all the spectators. 
As always, please make sure you have INDOOR SPIKES in your spikes. Attached is a picture of appropriate spikes. They will be checked at check-in. If you don't have indoor spikes, you can purchase them at check-in for $2. 
There are three forms to have completed prior to check-in. All forms are attached. A liability waiver will be required of everyone competing in the event. If you have jumped at our new facility, then we should have one on file. If this is your first time to jump at the new facility, please fill out the online version here or bring the printed copy with you. To fill out the online copy, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and insert your information. When you submit, it will email me a copy. No need to fill out the "Team Info Sheet" also located at the top of this page. There will also be paper copies for you to sign on the day of the event.
Parking: Please DO NOT PARK ON THE TURF FIELD. You are welcome to park next to the gym on either side or you can park along the feeder road.
- - -
 If you are coming from the south, take Hwy 6 N towards College Station. We are located between Navasota and College Station. Exit Westward Ho, take the first left to go across the highway and another left to go back towards the south on the feeder road. MAC Vault Academy is on your right-hand side, about half a mile down the feeder road. 
If you're coming from the north, take Hwy 6 south through College Station and headed out towards Navasota. Exit Westward Ho. The sign for this exit was knocked down, so keep an eye out for the Westward Ho Exit in 1 mile, then take the following exit ramp. Continue on the feeder road for one mile and we are located on your right-hand side. 
- - -
Set Schedule: 
Friday, January 22nd: 
Masters warm-up at 4 PM- John Clark, Larry Bonnett, Steve Hanes, Bubba Sparks, Robert Baker, Troy Horton, Larry Vollmer, Jennifer Fore, Wendell Beck, Brad McFarling, Paul Golibart, Richard McGee, Bob Crites, Tom Williams, Flay Deats, Clayton Kolodziejck

Open Women warm-up at 6 PM- Mackenzie West, Kaydi Pursley, Kenna Caliham, Anicka Newell, Stephanie Richartz, Kenzie Shell, Laurel Wong, Kelly Kern

Open Men warm-up at 7:30 PM- Colby Tindall, Johann Bradley, Reese Watson, Jacob Wooten, Carson Waters, Antonio Ruiz, Luke Stafford, Nick Meyers, Hudson Hall, Jacob Herrscher, Logan Freeman, Cole Newman, Alex Geniesse, Grant Baker, Nate Richartz, Michael Carr

Saturday, January 23rd
Warm-up at 8:
Jr. High Girls-  Blue Pit, Official: Tom Williams, Bars: David Breish and Seth Jacobs. Jumpers: Bailey Mitchell, Emily Owens, Logan Reeves, Kyndall Bethell, Olivia Wheeler, Chayse Wernli, Charleigh Jacobs, Sara Diehl-Tran, Skylar Henderson, Kaylee Beacham, Kimber Holly, Bella Breish, Sydney Jacobs, Karissa House

Jr. High Boys- Gray Pit, Official: Paul Golibart, Bars: Damon Joslin and Bert Valdez. Jumpers: Layton Niemann, Bryson Bettencourt, Quinn Hawkins, Lucas Owens, Ryder Harrison, Nathan Pearce, Ben Haywood, Hudson Nix, Gunnar Gleinig, Max Joslin, Stephen Waldrop, Pierson Pilgrim. 

High School Girls Group 7- Red Pit, Official: Reese Watson, Bars: Maria Hayes and Todd Maples. Jumpers: Grace Ross, Harley Hayes, Tai Maples, Brooklynn Saparto, Grace Wallace, Paula Carpenter, Sophia Hinojosa, Sydney Kouba, Kira Zercher, Sophia Shebay, Olivia Dewey, Cailin Lopez

Warm-up at 10:30:
High School Girls Group 6: Blue Pit, Official: Nick Meyers, Bars: Alex Pruitt, Kevin Opalacz. Jumpers: Emma Pruitt, Kirsten Overstreet, Emma Statham, Madalyn Aldridge, Rachel Ochsner, Tarynn Ackley, Caroline Waldrop, Hannah Anderson, Emma Opalacz, Emma De Los Santos, Jace Vera, Maddie Knoop

High School Girls Group 5: Gray Pit, Official: Paul Golibart, Bars: Megan Wilson, Vault Barn volunteer. Jumpers: Avery Koonce, Madalyn Aime, Riley Perumal, Lauren Henderson, Madison Snody, Presley Vann, Lexie Dallison, Paige Sparks, Kyleigh Matula, Ashlyn Fielding, Mamie Grace McClelland, Abbey Dreier

High School Girls Group 4: Red Pit, Official: Wendell Beck, Bars: Flay Deats and Tim Blachowski. Jumpers: Ashley Dalleske, Jasmine Richmond, Sage Barmettler, Rylie Kate Jenkins, Emma Peterson, Brooklyn Marcee, Kate Blachowski, Peyton Celotto, Lauren Reed, Keelin Engel, Olivia Payne, Brynna Halata, Katelyn Hulsey

Warm-up at 1: 00
High School Girls Group 3: Blue Pit, Official: Nick Meyers, Bars: John Booker and Damon Joslin. Jumpers: Lily Peters, Kashlee Dickinson, Laney Kucera, Taylor Reeves, Karina Tanis, Taylor Walker, Kade Joslin, Kaylee Crank, Elana Madlambayan, Cannon Booker, Allison Robling, Isabella Morell, Aly Jo Warren

High School Girls Group 2: Gray Pit, Official: Reese Watson, Bars: Jeff Brandes and Colby Tindall. Jumpers: Mia Ruffino, Brianna Brandes, Emma Tindall, Hannah Cade, Lauren Guthrie, Macy Watts, Alexandra Harber, Nikolette Schmidt, Lauren Schmitt, Kaci Andrus, Caressa Ella Vajdos, Claire Bybee, Regan Ruffner

High School Girls Group 1: Red Pit, Official: Carson Waters, Bars: Leo Bowen and Allison Lueking. Jumpers: Sailor Todaro, Quinn Calhoun, Joy Sherwood, Alyssa Quinones-Mixon, Katie Schlather, Johanna Duplantis, Molly Haywood, Avery Brooks, Mimi McHugh, Emily Fitzsimmons, Emery Prentice, Heather Abadie, Olivia Lueking

Warm-up at 3:30:
High School Boys Group 6: Blue Pit, Official: Nick Meyers Bars: Evan Partee and Sergio Rivas. Jumpers: Donovan Bechi, Thailer Stofie, Ellis Joslin, Logan Murdock, Kadin Marquez, Blake Pleasant, Layden Blackwell, Jacob Hanlon, Haygen Dominey, Josiah Whiting, Joseph Ayala, Boone Partee, Bryce Watkins

High School Boys Group 5: Gray Pit, Official: Brad McFarling Bars: Alicia Meharg and Kenny Hayslett. Jumpers: Nick Morris, Jack Herzog, John Meharg, Zachary Hugdahl, Dyson Wicker, Zachary Goyt, Brady Casilio, Christian Rubio, Camden Hayslett, Carson Bethell, Dylan Moore, Justin Perault

High School Boys Group 4: Red Pit, Official: Reese Watson Bars: Shar Ingelmo and Michelle Betancourt. Jumpers: Carson Monrad, Luke Ingelmo, Jeremy Villarreal, Trey Faherty, Preston Pilgrim, Evan Kime, Jonah Ulbricht, Joey Marlow, Benjamin Abarca, Marc Betancourt, Tyler Fielding, Colton Harrison, Adam Welguisz

Warm-up at 6
High School Boy Group 3: Blue Pit, Official Nick Meyers, Bars: Jason Keith, Billy Knauss. Jumpers: Owen Williamson, Harrison Gauthier, Josh Keith, Thatch Balady, Zac Krause, Will Saxman, Brodie Mitchell, Jacob Page, Andrew Smith, Grey Knauss, Ethan Stark, Parker Brannon, Sergio Rivas

High School Boys Group 2: Red Pit, Official: Carson Waters Bars: Lance Williams and Greg Collins. Jumpers: Michael D. Chapa, Nathan Williams, Leo Bowen, Rylan Bethell, Parker Samuelson, Micah Collins, Aiden Joy, Gavin Riojas, Michael Nance, David Caivano, Trenton Whitworth, Gavin Hecke

High School Boys Group 1: Gray Pit, Official: Kenzie Shell Bars: Jay Jacobs and Will Postell. Jumpers: Seth Jacobs, Nick Loibl, Blake Truss, Tanner Woodring, Pacer Hill, Ryley Klefstad, Jack Mann, Robert Postell, Connor Boenig, Caleb Murdock, Efram Melendez, and Clayton Simms.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Waiver by William Grundy on Scribd