Boy's Best Track And Field Teams To Start 2021 Season

The Summer Creek boys had a good start to the 2020 track and field season that soon became the end. They return a good cast of athletes for the 2021 season.

Who is going to win the state meet? Come on, it is entirely too early for that - - sort of.

This was supposed to be week two of the 2021 outdoor track and field season, but mother nature had other plans for track action and most of the events around state have been cancelled or postponed.

So, in place of the results we would be looking at, let's look at who is returning from last year's short lived season to see which teams could be the best this upcoming year.

These rankings were calculated by scoring the rankings as a meet. We scored 20 deep for individuals and 20 deep for relays. For example, for individuals 1st place received 20 points for their team, on down to 1 point for 20th place.

*** Athletes whose graduation years are unknown were left out of the list.



1A Boys

2A Boys

3A Boys

4A Boys

5A Boys

6A Boys